Unified operator support platform
TongTech OSS
Selcraft SC-NEM
The system is included in the register of Russian software
uCPE — uCPE for SD‑WAN/Edge
Computing devices produced in Russia

SP_Root is a single platform for telecom operator support. We created SP_Root based on the real needs of operators and experience drawn from our previous successful projects.

What does it do?

  • 24/7 monitoring of network functioning
  • preemptive malfunction reporting
  • quick detection of the source of malfunction
  • even faster troubleshooting
  • first line support during launch of new services and introduction of network elements

Key capabilities:

  • Support of all main interfaces/protocols of 2G/3G/4G/5G networks for CS, PS, IMS, RAN domains
  • Real time data processing, generation of aggregate records, KPI and storage thereof for each call/transaction for 100% subscribers
  • System of End-to-End analysis and processing of traffic Control Plane and User Plane allowing to build KPI and Smart Data
  • Compatible with all TELCO vendors
  • Source of data and reports for different departments and teams of the telecom operator
  • Possible modelling and testing of commercial and technical cases based on the processed data
  • System implementation at any stage of the network’s development. Integration with operator’s subsystems and flexible network and infrastructure resources management

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COMVIVA MobiLytix is an analytical platform based on Big Data. It helps to interact with customers to improve user experience and attract new subscribers.

What does it do?

  • Marketing campaigns and loyalty programs development
  • Smart real time interaction with customers (based on the application of artificial intelligence and latest analytical models)
  • Hands-off multi-channel marketing
  • For the operator’s customers: positive and personalized digital interaction experience

TongTech OSS

TongTech OSS is a single system of operations management for telecom operators, which has been developed together with TongTech. It automates business processes related to inventory and logistics support, network management, services provision and customer support.

What does it do?

  • Reporting on crashes on any network elements and monitoring of troubleshooting process
  • Update of information on the state of network with regards to available resources and their load level
  • Accurate and prompt planning of network development
  • Storage of all data on interaction between units
  • Control over priority and time spent on tasks related to troubleshooting (via time management and operational staff management)
  • Maintenance staff performance optimization

SELCRAFT SC-NEM - control and coordination system

The system is listed in the register of Russian software.

SC-NEM is a management and coordination system. It allows to manage devices, applications, network functions, and service policies on several websites via one control panel. Users can easily configure the connection, complex service chains and templates using the service design tool.

This is an intelligent software solution for customers, who require distributed network management with the capacity to use various telecommunication channels for Internet, mobile, and fixed networks with different access technologies.

What does it do?

  • Building, management and automation of corporate distributed data networks
  • Support of the full life circle of deployment of virtual machines and containers
  • Building of the relevant service chains for virtual corporate and network functions
  • Automation, management, monitoring and gathering of statistics on uCPE, networks and virtual machines


  • Building and automation of WAN networks on corporate level.
  • Network traffic management according to performance and security requirements. Performance and security levels depend on flows, applications, units and locations.
  • Building a hybrid Cloud Native network. Access to several clouds (local, private, and public).
  • Creation, management, and automation of virtual resources, resource functions for corporate networks (DNS, DHCP, FW/DPI, video surveillance, telephony, monitoring).
  • Integrated management and monitoring of network infrastructure.


uCPE are industrial computers based on x86 and ARM architecture, manufactured in-house.

uCPE devices are created based on innovation platform for infrastructure of next generation networks and offer customized hardware solutions for critical applications. The platform is built based on the latest technologies supporting 5G network.

uCPE manufacturing site is located in Russia. We manage the whole production process from design to manufacturing of the devices.

Available models

  • SC-10 for small and medium-sized offices. Based on Baikal-M CPU
  • SC-20 for medium-sized offices, based on Intel Atom C3000

Extended network capacities

  • Copper and optical ports 1 / 10 GbE
  • Integrated security module (TPM v2.0)
  • Customization and expansion according to customer’s requirements
  • Installation of expansion modules (5G or LTE and Wi-Fi modules)

It is possible to order devices with any type and number of interfaces.

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