About company

About us

We develop, implement, and support comprehensive solutions for fixed and mobile telecom operators. We deal with processing and analysis of network traffic and provide our customers with the latest integrated tools for telecommunication network monitoring.

Our mission is to bring telecom operators to a new level of communication quality and strengthen their customer relations helping them to increase their profits.

Our core value are the people. Everything that we do, we do for people: for our customers, for our customers’ customers and, last but not least, for our team of true professionals, which we are very proud of.

For more than 12 years we have worked with the world’s leading equipment and software providers (such as Netscout, Polystar, SAS, Comviva, Huawei, etc.). Thanks to the amount of experience we have gained, we are able to customize comprehensive solutions according to your goals in a quick and flexible manner.

We have helped our customers to:

2 times faster

problem search and subscriber complaints analysis

20% faster

network upgrades, testing and launching of new services

2 times faster


up to 100%

of mobile technologies put under monitoring

We offer

We offer turnkey solutions and products in the field of software and equipment, provide consulting and analyst services, and deal with tech support for leading telecommunications companies in Russia and CIS countries.

What do our comprehensive solutions include?

They consist of projects aimed at successful development of our customers’ businesses and include a complete range of tools, works and services allowing the company to:

  • improve control mechanisms and increase efficiency of its different units and departments;
  • establish an internal competence center;
  • monitor the quality of its services, its performance and failures;
  • switch to proactive approach to network operation;
  • cut operation costs;
  • analyze a range of various key performance indicators (KPI).

Our products use signaling data from all 2G-5G networks’ interfaces. They process, structure, store the relevant data, provide the users with access to subscriber signaling allowing to quickly detect and eliminate network problems as well as to upload the data to BigData.

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